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Tooth sensitivity when consuming hot, cold, sugary, or acidic things can be more than just inconvenient. It can gradually start to impact your enjoyment of life while proving to be a symptom of an even more serious oral health condition.

If your child has been experiencing tooth sensitivity discomfort recently, you should strongly consider scheduling a dental checkup with Dr. Sunil Ilapogu. After a thorough examination, he can determine the underlying cause of your child’s tooth sensitivity problem and develop a course of treatment to reduce symptoms of discomfort.

Sometimes tooth sensitivity is linked-to or exacerbated by the demineralization of the tooth enamel. Poor oral hygiene and the regular consumption of acidic beverages can create an acidic environment in your mouth. This causes the microscopic pores on your tooth enamel to expand, exposing the sensitive dentin layer of the tooth while also promoting tooth decay problems.

Dr. Sunil Ilapogu can help bolster the strength of your tooth enamel by administering a simple fluoride treatment. If he feels it is warranted, he might also provide prescription fluoride supplements to maintain the integrity of the teeth between dental checkups.

Cavities on multiple teeth can also cause tooth sensitivity problems. Without timely treatment with Dr. Sunil Ilapogu, these teeth could develop serious complications. If the tooth decay spreads, it could penetrate deep into the gums causing a dangerous infection or abscess to form.

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