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How do I make my child’s diet safe for their teeth?

You can keep your child’s teeth healthy the same way you keep their body healthy as far as their diet goes. Make sure that they are eating plenty of nutritious foods, including plenty of vegetables, fruits, breads, dairy, meat and fish. Try to limit the amount of simple sugars and starches that they eat, and make sure that they are brushing their teeth at least twice per day.

Limit sugar drinks for your child

Another important part of keeping your child’s teeth healthy is limiting sugary drinks such as juices. Avoid putting them to bed with a bottle, as this can put them at greater risk for tooth decay. Your child should self-soothe with a pacifier rather than falling asleep with a bottle or sippy cup. Always ensure that they are finished eating at least a few minutes before sleep, and carefully clean their teeth and gums before laying them down for bed.