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Are you looking for a healthier way to strengthen your teeth? Did you know that there is a way to improve your tooth enamel and make your teeth strong? Fluoride is an effective form of treatment that can help protect your child’s teeth from damage and harm.

Our dentist, Dr. Sunil Ilapogu, cares about your child’s oral health and is happy to help strengthen their teeth with a fluoride treatment. Our team at Sunny Smiles Dentistry is pleased to help you understand more about how fluoride can benefit your child’s mouth by providing some necessary information below:

– Fluoride is helpful for your child’s mouth because it uses naturally-occurring minerals that have been shown to help fight cavities. Fluoride works by protecting the outer surfaces of your tooth enamel.
– Fluoride is often found in toothpaste and mouth rinse.
– For a professional fluoride treatment, which can provide the highest quality of fluoride treatments, visit our practice today.
– Fluoride can help make your child’s tooth enamel more resistant to acidic erosion.
– Fluoride can often be found in the public water supply, which can help bring up fluoride levels in those who need help protecting their teeth.
– Fluoride can benefit both children and adults.

As you can see, there are advantages to your child receiving a professional fluoride treatment in Ventura, California. If you have questions about your child’s smile, or if need help caring for your child’s oral health care, please call us today at 805-644-5516 to make an appointment. Our team is always ready to take your call.