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There are many reasons why your child’s teeth may become discolored. When you bring your child to Sunny Smiles Dentistry, our pediatric dentists will examine your child’s teeth, and discuss various aspects of his or her diet and any mediations that your child may be using to determine the cause of discoloration and recommend an appropriate treatment. To make your child’s appointment with Dr. Sunny and Dr. Nobel in Ventura, California, and learn more about tooth discoloration, please contact our office today at 805-644-5516.

Discoloration – often in the color orange – may occur as a result of cavities, bacteria, antibiotics, or poor oral hygiene. Discoloration from amoxicillin typically vanishes after your child stops taking the medication, while discoloration from doxycycline is usually permanent.

When your child visits our office, our dental professionals will make sure that his or her teeth are clean, and that your child knows how to properly brush and floss. We will ensure that all underlying issues are resolved before providing any further treatment.

Your child can prevent staining and discoloration by avoiding eating or drinking foods and beverages that are artificially colored (soda, juice, etc.). We also recommend that he or she rinse out their mouth after consuming anything that can stain the teeth, and brush at least twice a day.

For more information about discolored teeth and our available treatments, please call our practice today.