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Sucking is a natural reflex for babies, and sucking on pacifiers or fingers is often a way in which infants and small children soothe themselves.  Most children eventually stop sucking pacifiers or their thumbs on their own between the ages of 2 and 4, long before it becomes detrimental to their oral health.  However, when sucking habits persist beyond the eruption of your child’s permanent teeth, it can interfere with the development and growth of their teeth and mouth.

Our pediatric dentists can offer a number of solutions to encourage your child to stop sucking their pacifier or thumbs.  Some of these methods include:

  • Praising your child whenever he or she is not sucking their thumb, and not scolding them when they relapse and do suck their thumb. Children tend to suck their pacifiers or fingers when they feel anxious or insecure, and scolding may actually cause them to continue or increase their sucking habits.
  • Provide comfort whenever you notice your child sucking his or her fingers.
  • Reward your child when they do not suck their fingers during difficult or stressful moments.
  • Place a bandage, light gloves, or another item or substance recommended by our dentists on your child’s thumb or fingers.

If you have more questions about finger and pacifier sucking habits, and to make an appointment for your child with Dr. Sunny and Dr. Nobel at one of our conveniently located dental offices in Ventura, California, please contact our practice today at 805-644-5516.