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Toothaches and tooth decay can be very distressing for children. Dr. Sunny and Dr. Nobel offer several treatment options to help your child avoid and treat toothaches and tooth decay and continue enjoying a healthy, pain-free smile.

As a parent, the best way to prevent your child from developing tooth decay is to begin helping him or her learn and put into practice good oral habits as early as possible. Before your child’s teeth erupt, clean the gums with a clean cloth at least once each day, and twice a day after the first teeth have erupted. Bring your child to visit our pediatric dentists as soon as their teeth begin to emerge. Once your child is old enough, ensure that they know how to brush and floss properly, and brush and floss for them until about age 7. Our pediatric dentists may also recommend additional preventive treatments, such as dental sealants and fluoride.

When dealing with toothaches, first make sure that the problem actually is a toothache. If your child is old enough to speak, make sure they don’t have a bitten tongue or sore gums. Young children may also experience pain as a result of teething. In some cases, toothaches may be caused by tooth decay, or if your child loses one of their baby teeth before it is ready (especially when the tooth in question was extracted). Bring your child to meet our pediatric dentists as soon as possible so that we can determine the cause of the tooth pain and provide an appropriate treatment to restore your child’s comfort and oral health.

For more information about toothaches and tooth decay in Ventura, California, and to make your child’s appointment with our dental professionals in please call our practice today at 805-644-5516.